Blake Anton

Team Captain
Arroyo Grande, CA
Racing License
Favorite Place To Ride
San Luis Obispo
Best Marc Pro Pad Placement
Inner & outer quads
Favorite H24 Product
Rebuild Strength - I am all about the big recovery smoothie after hard rides. I scoop the H24 rebuild in with 2-3 bananas (depending on how hard it was), about a cup of mixed berries, and fill the rest of the blender with half soymilk half water.
Favorite Food
Mexican and mac n cheese
Favorite Drink
Porter or stout, black butte porter
If Im Not Riding I Am
Designing and building houses, always tinkering and working on something, traveling, backpacking, enjoying life and the outdoors
Life Goal
Travel, bike, and enjoy life
Pro Tip
Practice both your strengths and your weaknesses. Your strengths may be how you win races, but if you can't make it to the finish because you are poor at going uphill (me), or something else, work on it hard so you can be there.
Best Tactical Advice
Sag climb until it's time to light the race on fire
Best Way To Recover
Big protein shake after hard rides, quick shower, then settle down with a book or computer for an hour and let the Marc Pro or Podium Legs work some magic. I'm too lazy to foam roll. If you have enough energy to do that, you didn't ride hard enough :)
Best Training Advice
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
In my car overnight for a collegiate race. But my buddy and I were woefully short on clothing and I used to keep an emergency bottle of vodka in my car (sophmore college brain), so we drank to keep warm. Felt like a real russian that night.
Favorite Jakroo Detail
Personalized jerseys. But I am pretty excited for the echelon speed suits
Favorite Natures Bakery Bar
Rasberry Fig