Chris Harland-Dunaway

Berkeley, CA
Racing License
Favorite Race
Pescadero Coastal Classic - The Gila Monster - The now defunct queen stage of Mt. Hood was amazing too.
Favorite Place To Ride
Santa Cruz Mountain Range
Favorite H24 Product
Prolong and Rebuild Endurance.
Favorite Food
Carnitas Tacos
Favorite Drink
Leffe Blonde. Or a Pepsi Throwback at the firestation on Skyline when I'm extremely cracked.
If Im Not Riding I Am
I'm writing.
Life Goal
Do Epic Shit
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I can read and write Arabic.
Best Way To Recover
Drink Herbalife Rebuild Endurance right after your ride - you have a 20 minute window during which your body is most primed to replenish your glycogen stores.
Best Training Advice
Your sleep is just as important as your training. Respect both equally.
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
A walnut orchard outside of Escalon. It was midsummer and the trees were heavy with leaves and crop, which made it extremely dark. There was a nightengale somewhere far off that I fell asleep to.
Favorite Jakroo Detail
The tall collar on the windvest. It keeps your neck warm and cozy in cold weather.