Dave Christenson

Reno, NV
Racing License

I raced as a junior on the MTB, then stopped for a while and picked up riding and racing again in college, this time on the road. Some injuries took me off the bike again and I got back to the bike at about 28 and raced a bunch of UCI races in Asia over 5 years. I’ve kept with it since and I’m just happy training, racing and traveling. I work as a filmmaker currently working for TrainerRoad creating all their video content.

Favorite Race
Taiwan KOM Challenge, Berkeley Hills
Favorite Place To Ride
Favorite Strava Segment
Favorite Food
Thai food
Favorite Drink
If Im Not Riding I Am
a camera monkey
Life Goal
Just to enjoy it and push my limits while doing it.
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I speak fluent-ish Italian.
Pro Tip
Be consistent in your training, rest, race a ton...you never stop learning how to race your bike.
Best Tactical Advice
Have a plan before the race, have a plan B, talk to your teammates during the race, ride together, save energy, it's all fluid so tactics and strategy are always changing.
Best Way To Recover
H24 Rebuild Strength, stretching and an hour on the Marc Pro. Then before bed some H24 Restore. Sleep at least 8 hrs.
Best Training Advice
Go hard on the hard days, go super easy on the easy days.
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
After a 200km Stage in the Tour of the Philippines (Le Tour de Filipinas) we slept in the worst hotel I've ever seen and all without AC. Upon arrival to the hotel our driver told us that this was the hottest area in the Philippines.