Josh Carling

El Dorado, CA
Racing License

I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Amanda for 16 years, father of three amazing children; Cooper 8, Olivia 6amd Emmett 3. I’ve worked for CDCR for 16 years as a Correctional Officer, Correctional Counselor and currently as a Parole Agent for the Division of Adult Parole Operations. I began racing mountain bikes for fun in 2005. I raced the beginner class in a local MTB series and didn’t win a single race that first year. I began my road career in 2006 and was immediately hooked. I loved the intensity and tactics and have never looked back. I still love MTB riding, but mostly for fun. I do most of my racing on the road and because of my busy work and family life, I have had most of my success in criteriums and circuit races that are short in duration, but extremely intense. I raced for the H24 team for several years before taking a step back and competing more in the local level a few years ago. I am excited to be back on this squad with many old friends and I hope to make some new ones in the coming year. It feels like I’m coming back home, and I hope I can be a positive influence and asset to the talented and determined riders on this team.

Favorite Race
Cat's Hill Classic Criterium, hands down
Favorite Place To Ride
French Meadows Loop
Favorite Food
Favorite Drink
If Im Not Riding I Am
Playing with my kids
Life Goal
Never give up, never give in. Do the best I can for my family
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I'm a Parole Agent for the State of California
Pro Tip
Stay motivated, focused and disciplined, but most importantly, never stop having fun on the bike.
Best Tactical Advice
Learn to be as efficient as possible, and choose your moments wisely.
Best Way To Recover
Stretch, foam roll, Herbalife Rebuild Strength shake and a good nights sleep.
Best Training Advice
It's fun to train your strengths, but you win races by training your weaknesses.