Justin Mauch

Sterling, VA
Racing License

I’ve been around bikes for my whole life, my parents had me in a trailer behind their bikes when I was two weeks old. Although they never raced, they have always been recreational riders. We traveled all over riding tandems as a family. A freind of my dads reccomended I try a cyclocross race when I was 11. During that first race- I hated it, but afterwords I though “man, that was pretty fun!”. Since then I’ve got more and more into it, really started “training” when I was about ~16. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportuinties to race around the world, all over North America, Europe, China and South Africa. I first raced with H24 in 2016, and have really enjoyed the riders, support, and phenomanal orginization of the team!

Favorite Race
Cascade Classic Aubrey Butte
Favorite Place To Ride
Nice, France
Favorite Strava Segment
Best Marc Pro Pad Placement
Favorite H24 Product
Rebuild Endurance mixed with almond milk and a little bit of cinnamon! Tastes like horchata!
Favorite Food
A nice Steak- Rare
Favorite Drink
Double Espresso
If Im Not Riding I Am
Life Goal
Don't stop smiling.
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I hold the world record for human powered helicopter flight duration.
Pro Tip
Make sure to get enough sleep! And if you've got time, take naps! It's a great natural boost for your body! Make sure you're having fun!
Best Tactical Advice
Best Way To Recover
Sleep! Nap's included!
Best Training Advice
Listen to your body.
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
Camping with no tent atop Bear Tooth Pass outisde of Yellowstone national park, on a roadtrip with some great friends to Cascade Classic.
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