Larissa Connors

Voler Factory Gravel
Silverado, CA
Racing License

Bikes have always had an important role in my life, from commuting to student teaching in West Sac, to finding new friends in college, to getting all my energy out and exercising my demons. The obsession became a career in 2015 when ShoAir intl gave me the opportunity to quit my teaching job and race mountain bikes full time. After a few years of World Cup XCO racing I found ultra endurance racing and never looked back. Two years of mostly 100 mile races led me to La Ruta in Costa Rica where I got Rhabdo and almost died. That somehow resulted in a baby and here we are going into 2020 ready to test the hypothesis that mom watts make you faster.

Favorite Race
Epic Rides Grand Junction Off Road and Carson City Off Road
Favorite Place To Ride
Sonoma County, CA
Favorite Food
Favorite Drink
If Im Not Riding I Am
feeding my baby from my own boobs
Life Goal
Provide all the stoke wherever I am!
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I ate my twin.
Pro Tip
Having fun is the most important aspect to training and racing. No one will remember your results (unless you win the olympics or something) but if you aren't having fun you wont remember any of it either.
Best Tactical Advice
For long long races breaking the distance or time into segments can make it feel more managable.
Best Way To Recover
Breastfeeding a baby.... oh wait, that's not the best, it's just my only option :)
Best Training Advice
Stop riding so much :) hahaha
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
The attac of an old victorian house in Prescott, AZ filled with creepy dolls (the Kenda Rep made me do it since I didn't win the fat tire crit)