Nate Freed

Allentown, PA
Racing License

My Dad was a national champion in the duathlon,and he got me into bikes at an early age. Unfortunately I don’t get my athletic endurance from him. I started racing when I was 11, and I’ve held a USA Cycling license since then. I got more serious about racing once I moved from Allentown, PA to Lake Tahoe in 2004. Since then, my cycling-related goals have shifted a bit. As one of the original members of the team, I love seeing the positive evolution and success that we’ve had over the years. Now I live in Vista, CA with my wife who is a Physical Therapist. I work a lot of hours from home, where I started my own eCommerce brand selling a wide variety of bike parts online.

Favorite Race
Nevada City Classic
Favorite Place To Ride
Iowa Hill Loop from Auburn, CA
Favorite Strava Segment
Favorite H24 Product
Favorite Food
Favorite Drink
Heavily caffeinated coffee
If Im Not Riding I Am
I'm doing something awesome with Janelle and Ruby!
Life Goal
To be a person who would make my parents and daughter proud.
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I've held a USA Cycling license since 1993
Pro Tip
During a race --- Drink before you're thirsty and eat before you're hungry!
Best Tactical Advice
Be aggressive. Don't watch the race play while you're sitting in the back of the peleton. Attack and force the selection yourself. (Even if you don't belong there!)
Best Way To Recover
Grab a recovery shake IMMEDIATELY after a hard workout.
Best Training Advice
Limit the junk miles. If you're training to race, don't JRA (just ride around).
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
The back of my '96 Corolla in a high school parking lot before the Leesville Gap Road Race. I woke up to the cops tapping on my window at 3:30AM.