Vince Coons


Shortly after I invented the wheel, I decided I wanted to learn how to maintain it. I enrolled in the Bill Woodull Race Mechanics Clinic in Colorado and received my USAC and UCI Pro race mechanics license. But that’s not where the real story started for me. It started on my 40th birthday. After leaving my military career and quitting smoking I rapidly gained weight… lots of it. I was 40 years old and nearly 400 pounds. I knew it was time for a change. I brought an old family heirloom bike to the local bike shop, but the French made Helcomatic hub proved to be a stumbling block. Most of the shops told me to buy a new beach cruiser since they were made for us FAT guys. I wasn’t deterred, and I went online and learned how to fix it myself. It was nearly a year and 100 pounds later that I met team director Phil Mooney. He was a well-spoken, somewhat nerdy geology graduate student that rode a bike fast. I liked him (sort of) instantly. After building his TT bike with a few hours to spare before he had to leave for nationals, I left the shop I was working at so I could open one of my own. I’d like to note that I take all the credit for Phil’s win due to the superb machine I built for him. I think that bike was so fast it could have won without a rider! Just kidding Phil, you (are/were) a stud. I am now on the board of directors for the JetCycling woman’s u25 development team. I spend spring break in Mexico building homes and fixing bikes with my Daughter Amanda and my apprentice mechanic Sierra. I consider myself blessed when I get the opportunity to work for Phil and the h24cycling guys. It’s the love of the machine and the beauty of the sport that drives me to perform at my best. The athlete may get all the glory, but the mechanics know what it really takes to win!

Pro Tip
Athletes are just an excuse to work on bikes
Best Tactical Advice
It’s the little things that will mess up a race. Consistency is the cure.
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