Willie Myers

Sacramento, CA
Racing License

I started riding fixies at the age of 18 to help me rehab from a pelvis injury. At first the idea of racing seemed loony and downright stupid until one of my co-workers tricked me into registering for a local crit. I won. The end.

Favorite Race
Auburn Criterium
Favorite Place To Ride
Sacramento Delta
Favorite Strava Segment
Sierra College rd and The entire American River Bike Trail.
Favorite Food
Favorite Drink
Fresh orange juice
If Im Not Riding I Am
Massaging people or playing endless amounts of video games
Life Goal
Hit max level
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I used to play Video games competitively
Pro Tip
Sleep more, eat more, party less.
Best Tactical Advice
While riding a break, don't force it.
Best Way To Recover
Sleep more
Best Training Advice
Sleep more, go hard.
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
Hotel in Nicaragua